Thank you to all of our past customers

Our farm has transitioned to growning grapes and we have a large selection of Cherry farming equipment that is coming available for sale. Equipment items include ladders, cherry buckets, nutrients, brand new air freight pallets, 5 kg cardboard packaging, orchard lift machines, mowers,  a 2015 New Holland T4 105V tractor and so on.  A more detailed list will be shown in the near future.

Modern 2 ton/hour Cherry Line For Sale


-  4 lane, 5 drops Red Pearl optical sorter.  Sorts cherries by size, color and softness

-  in line hydro-cooler with glycol refrigeration cooling equipment. Comes with chlorine & buffer automatic monitoring and injection system.

-  Quality Control sorting tables

-  pre-sorter and sort table.  Pre-sorter comes with electric controls.

-  Fachaux water hydraulic cherry cluster separator

-  all equipment assembled by Westway/Waycon Manufacturing, and built with stainless steel and aluminum

-  comes with scales and box conveyors to pack either loose fill, clam shell or 2 lb. bagged packages

-  well maintained

-  invested over $725,000.  Will sell for $285,000 Canadian Dollars.

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